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“I have used Tamar on several occasions to help fill technical positions here at our company. Her candidates were very professional, knowledgeable and qualified for the positions we were looking for. I will always consult Tamar prior to our hiring process.”  Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity
Kent Southerland-IT Director, National Product Services, Inc.

"Our firm has utilized the services of TMS Recruiting, several times.   Tamar Schacknow successfully recruited and we hired as full time employees, two attorneys for our securities litigation group.  We found Ms. Schacknow to be prompt, professional, efficient and reliable in her recruiting efforts.   We have utilized the services of several regional and national firms for recruitment in the past 20 years.  None of the other firms that we have utilized in the past have matched the cost effective and diligent recruitment services provided by Ms. Schacknow. "

Bruce Day-Partner at Day, Edwards, Propester & Christensen, P.C.  

 “Tamar was great to work with. I had multiple people working on filling a couple of positions and she was able to provide the best candidates and filled both of those positions. She had some great connections that enabled her to find candidates with the right skills and culture fit.”  Great Results , Personable , Creative

Darren Pierce-
VP of Software Development, PeopleAnswers

"Tamar is an excellent recruiter in terms of catering to the needs of the person she is representing; she is detail-oriented and provides timely updates.” Personable , Good Value , On Time

Vignesh Venkataramani-Software Developer-Dallas, TX

"I have used Tamar's services several times to assist me with my recruiting efforts. She is extremely good at asking the right questions to help her determine the kind of person I am looking to hire; not only from a technical standpoint but also someone who would be a good "fit" for my company's culture. Tamar is exceptional at communicating throughout the process and following up to make sure all my needs are being met. Tamar is at the top of my list of recruiters to call when I need assistance filling a position.” Great Results , High Integrity , Creative

Julie Muenzler-
VP Human Resources, Medieval Times

"Tamar is a very professional, detail-oriented recruiter. She helped me find a great job after just 3 weeks of our first meeting, she asked the right questions, followed up with the potential employer, worked on improving my resume. I recommended her to my friends and definitely will be back to her if/when I decide to change my job.” Great Results , Expert , On Time

Marina Lepikhina-IT Software Engineer, Denver, CO

“Tamar is a dedicated professional. She gave me sound advice and kept me informed throughout the recruitment process. I highly recommend her.” Great Results , Personable , Creative


Karen Blakeburn-Attorney, Oklahoma City, OK

 "Tamar Schacknow was my recruiter for obtaining a Software Engineer position with a Software Solution Provider Technology company. She was very aware of her client’s needs throughout the hiring process. She communicated with me on a consistent basis making sure I was well informed for each interview. I have been in the IT industry for 12 years with 10 of these years at Microsoft. Tamar has been the most personable professional recruiter I have worked with that helped me acquire an incredible full time opportunity. I highly recommend Tamar as a recruiting specialist for any assignment." Great Results, Personable, High Integrity 

Michael Williams-Katy, TX

“If you are considering contracting with a recruitment agency, then I would like to take an opportunity to recommend Tamar Schacknow of TMS Recruiting. She is organized and exhibits perfect qualities in understanding your needs in fulfilling your position. Tamar leads by example and find her dedication both professional and motivating. Tamar worked hard by demonstrating initiative and did not give-up in finding qualified candidates for us. Her efforts were successful in fulfilling our open placement. As part of the executive management of our company, I would highly recommend Tamar of TMS Recruiting as your placement agency. "
















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